Friday, 12 October 2018

The Remote Viewer at Light Night 2018

Mick Schofield art photography projection university of leeds light night phd

rephotography leeds video art research hauntology

deconstructed rephotography hauntology photography art leeds

Special Collections Godfrey Bingley Light Night research

installation at the university of leeds

video art installation photography leeds landscape hauntology

photography installation archives research rephotography spectrality

Michael C Coldwell Michael Schofield University of Leeds PhD practice final show exhibition

Quarry Hill rephotography Leeds art event

The Remote Viewer Leeds video art rephotography

Michael C Coldwell photographer and artist projection work installation

Light Night 2018 University of Leeds gallery event archive

projected photographs of Leeds with sound art field recordings Light Night

rephotography photography Leeds events Light Night Remote Viewer 2018

Michael C Coldwell Mick Schofield research final show rephotography archive

photography event special collections installation archive Leeds history slum clearance Quarry Hill art

The Remote Viewer (at Light Night 2018) from Michael C Coldwell on Vimeo.

Images and footage from The Remote Viewer, a new projection work and 'final show' from my practice-led PhD at the University of Leeds, entitled Aura and Trace: The Hauntology of the Rephotographic Image

Just my viva to go!

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