Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The Remote Viewer is coming...

Photography by Michael C Coldwell
Boynton Street has disappeared (Projection 2) 1906-2018

Hauntography by Michael Coldwell
Unhealthy Area, Quarry Hill 1905-2018

These are deconstructed rephotographs of Quarry Hill in Leeds. The work attempts to take archive photographs of the cleared slums back to those streets that have disappeared, as part of an ongoing exploration of photography as a form of haunting.

This work is part of my practice-led PhD research which is nearing completion.

The final rephotographs will be projected on Light Night this year as part of a video installation called The Remote Viewer

Here's a sneak preview of the sort of thing we'll be doing...

Slum Clearance (2017) from Michael C Coldwell on Vimeo.

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